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TOEFL Speaking Practice

Improve your TOEFL speaking fluency in two minutes or less per day! Read on to find out how. 🙂 TOEFL Speaking Practice with “Lightning Questions” There’s an activity that I use in many of my English classes to help my students practice speaking fluently without thinking. I call it “lightning questions.” Here’s how it works: […]

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Advice for Improving Your TOEFL Writing Skills

For a lot of people, writing is the least rewarding skill to study. Unlike reading and listening, it’s not easy to track your progress, and the way that we practice writing tends to be pretty dry and boring. In this post, I’m going to try to correct this by offering some ways on how to […]

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How Many Words Do You Need to Know for the TOEFL

This seems like a very simple question, but in fact it’s incredibly hard to answer. We don’t need to analyze the question too much to see the problem. Let’s just look at a small example to show why counting words isn’t very practical.   Counting Words Is Extremely Hard Take the word “place, ” for […]

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The Complete Guide to the TOEFL Test Book Review

(NOTE: The TOEFL books that Magoosh reviews and recommends reflect the older, pre-August 2019 version of the test. As of this writing, there are no TOEFL prep books that reflect the newest version of the test. Fortunately, older-format books are still very useful in prepping for the current TOEFL. For details on this, see Magoosh’s […]

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Should I Retake the TOEFL?

So you took the TOEFL, and you’re not happy with your score. What should you do now? How important is your TOEFL score, really? Is it important to retake the TOEFL and get a higher score? These are good questions, but the answers are different for individual people. Maybe you scored a 96, but you […]

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