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Free TOEFL Listening Practice Test | Video Post

If you’re taking the TOEFL, finding practice materials that mirror exactly what you’re going to see on test day is very important. Practice makes perfect—but practicing with bad materials is not a recipe for perfection! On the other hand, the right test prep materials will prepare you to do your absolute best on the exam. With that in mind, we’re excited to present our newest TOEFL resource to you: the free TOEFL Listening practice test video!

What Will I See in the TOEFL Listening Practice Test Video?

This free TOEFL listening practice starts with a brief introduction to the listening portion of the exam from our TOEFL expert, Lucas. Then, you’ll go right into a full set of TOEFL practice problems.

What is a set in TOEFL listening? Three recordings. On the exam, you’ll have two sets of problems, listening to six recordings in all.

In this set, you’ll find practice with the following types of tasks:

Practice for your TOEFL exam with Magoosh.
  • A conversation between a student and a professor;
  • A lecture from a professor;
  • A classroom discussion between a professor and students.

How Can I Make the Most of the TOEFL Listening Practice Video?

First of all, definitely follow Lucas’s advice! As you’ll see in the video, he recommends doing the practice straight through, without pausing or repeating the video. After all, that’s how it will be on the official exam.

Second of all, practice your note-taking skills. After each recording, you’ll see five to six multiple-choice questions on screen. They appear one at a time, and you’ll have 30 seconds to answer each question—the same amount of time you’ll have on test day. Taking notes as you listen to the recordings is the best way to remember key information to answer these questions correctly. Furthermore, because this is a video, you’ll need to mark down your answers as you go along.

Finally, when you’ve finished the listening practice, grade your test using the information here.

What Should I Do After the TOEFL Listening Practice?

After you’ve finished scoring your answers, return to the video with your answer sheet and re-listen to the recordings for questions you answered incorrectly. What did you misunderstand? Why? Then, look at the questions themselves and see where you made mistakes. What traps did you fall into? How will you avoid those mistakes on the next exam?

Finally, congratulate yourself! It’s really important to prepare well for the TOEFL, and doing test-like, on-screen practice before the official exam is key to getting the score you want.

Practice well, and good luck on test day!

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