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Unofficial Audio for TOEFL Quick Prep Volume 2: The Lectures

TOEFL Quick Prep is one of the best resources for free TOEFL Practice online. Lucas has written about TOEFL Quick Prep’s full-length practice TOEFL test on the blog before. And I have previously created a guide to TOEFL Quick Prep and how to make the most of ETS’s free materials.

In our previous writings, Lucas and I have noted that TOEFL Quick prep has more than one test-worth of free practice material. We’ve also told you that — unfortunately — you can only get one full test out of the Quick Prep materials because the first two volumes of TOEFL Quick Prep don’t have any audio.

Fortunately, that limitation to TOEFL Quick Prep is now less of a problem. Magoosh has created unofficial audio tracks for all of the lectures in TOEFL Quick Prep Volumes 1 and 2.

Here is a link to our unofficial audio for TOEFL Quick Prep Volume 1. With that audio and the TOEFL Quick Prep Volume 1 PDF, you now have complete practice materials for one TOEFL Listening lecture, on TOEFL Speaking Task 6 prompt, and one TOEFL Integrated Writing Task.

And now, Magoosh is proud to bring you even additional companion audio to the first two volumes of TOEFL Quick prep. Click the links below to get the audio for two TOEFL Lectures that appear only in transcript form in TOEFL Quick Prep. One audio link is for a TOEFL Listening lecture. Transcript and questions for the lecture are on pages 19-22 of the TOEFL Quick Prep Volume 2 PDF.

The other link is for a TOEFL Speaking Task 4 prompt. This is the lecture audio for the task. To see the reading passage for the task and a transcript of the audio, go to page 29 of the Quick Prep Volume 2 PDF.

TOEFL Quick Prep Volume 2 Listening Lecture Audio

Click below to open the audio in a new window:
TOEFL Quick Prep Volume 2 unofficial audio

TOEFL Quick Prep Volume 2 Speaking Task 4 Lecture Audio

Again, the audio will open in a new window:
TOEFL Quick Prep Volume 2 unofficial audio

Study Guides for These TOEFL Lectures

In addition to the audio itself, Magoosh has also created study guides for these two TOEFL Quick Prep prompts. Check out these two posts:

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