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Model TOEFL Speaking Task 2 Responses

In TOEFL Speaking Task 2, you need to give and support your opinion on a social issue, in a 45 second response. Here are some model responses. These responses come with both audio and transcript. Each response also comes with notes on how the response was planned and structured. These notes are included in separate links beneath the audio tracks.

All responses are designed to be top scoring responses. You can treat them as models for your own work on TOEFL Speaking Task 2. In a later post, we’ll look at each response again, with scorer commentary. In the mean time, you can study these responses to get an idea of what you should say and how you should sound in TOEFL Speaking Task 2

TOEFL Speaking Task 2: Example Question #1, with Model Response


  • Some people think it is very important to have social interactions with neighbors. Others feel it is not important for neighbors to know each other. Which do you agree with, and why?

Model response audio:

Model response transcript:

I believe that interacting with your neighbors is important, because it turns your neighborhood into a strong, safe community. When neighbors know each other’s needs and struggles, they can help each other.

For example, if you know that your neighbor’s car is broken down, you can drive your neighbor to work until the car is fixed. And a neighborhood where people interact a lot is safer too. When a neighbor is in danger, neighbors who talk are more likely to notice the danger and react to it. If you visit your neighbors regularly, you will notice if they injure themselves and can’t come to the door, or if their kitchen is on fire, or something like that.

When neighbors don’t know each other, they have less support with problems or dangers.

Link to notes on response planning and structure:

TOEFL Speaking Task 2: Example Question #2, with Model Response


  • Some schools provide children with health education classes. Other schools send health information to parents, so that parents can teach their own children about health issues. Which approach do you think is better, and why?

Model response audio:

Model response transcript:

I believe that health education should be taught to children in school.

Health teachers have special training and expertise in health. A good teacher can tell kids everything they need to know about health. And health teachers will know how to answer any questions that their students have about healthy living. With this information, kids can keep themselves healthy.

If health education is just done by parents, then kids may not get correct, expert health advice. Most parents aren’t health experts, and some parents might not even have the time to give their kids any health tips at all. So without regular health classes, kids could be misinformed about health, and might make unhealthy choices that are bad for them.

Link to notes on response planning and structure:

TOEFL Speaking Task 2: Example Question #3, with Model Response


  • Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Use details and examples to explain your argument.
    It is very important for the government to fund the arts.

Model response audio:

Model response transcript:

I don’t think government funding for the arts is bad, but I also don’t think it’s as important as other government funds.

Art is enjoyable, and having well-funded arts is wonderful, but not always practical. The first job of the government is to provide public services, and the second job of the government is to help people in need. Art comes after these priorities. For example, the government shouldn’t pay any money to the arts if it can’t maintain good roads and schools, or lacks the funding to help families out of poverty.

So for these reasons, I think art funding should never be treated as an important priority. Too many other government projects are more important.

Link to notes on response planning and structure:

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2 Responses to Model TOEFL Speaking Task 2 Responses

  1. kavita jaiswal August 10, 2016 at 9:58 pm #

    Hi David,

    I have a question about speaking task 1, say for there a question about describing your experience for something, but you never encounter that kind of experience, for example, best meal of your life. Can we answer that though I never had a best meal of life, but I would like have the one with the X person and have conversation about Y, and that would be the meal of my life?
    And for speaking task 2, can I say that I partially agree with the scenario?

    • David Recine
      David Recine August 13, 2016 at 1:05 pm #

      Hi Kavita,

      The answer to both of your questions is “yes.” You can definitely talk about a dream meal as your best meal that hasn’t happened yet, or discuss a similar hypothetical situation for another Task 1 question. And you can partly agree partly disagree in Task 2.

      Be careful though— the right response to give is a response that you can give easily. If giving a hypothetical scenario seems more complex than just making up an answer, then just make up a false answer about a best meal you’ve already head. (Yes, you can lie on the TOEFL.) Similarly, taking a side is almost always easier than than saying you partly agree on Task 2. The TOEFL doesn’t give extra points for more complex answers and only cares about answers that are well-spoken and address the basic language requirements of the task.

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