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Magoosh Comics: The Grammar of “Communicate”

Recently, we’ve been looking at the different grammatical forms of words from the Academic Word List. Today, we’re going to take an especially close look at a word that’s common in the academic study of world affairs. (And in many other subject.)

That word is the verb “communicate.” This verb is a root word for a few other grammar forms: communication (noun), communicative (adjective), and communicatively (adverb). If you don’t know this word at all, look it up on before reading the comic below. But even if you do know this word (and it’s a pretty common English word, so you probably do), really looking at the different forms of communicate—seeing them in context—can help you master this word and use it fluently on the TOEFL.

So below, enjoy a comic strip where scientists are trying to communicate with a space alien. The communication will involve all four forms of this word!