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Magoosh Comics: Prefixes in TOEFL Vocabulary, Part 6

In Part 6 of this series, we’ll look at the prefix out-. In TOEFL vocabulary, out- is used in words of comparison.

The meaning of out- in TOEFL vocabulary

Usually, out- words describe when a person or thing has done more than another person or thing. Less often, the prefix out- appears in words that describe a movement outward or an attempt to do something outside of one’s usual space. Words with this less common usage of out- may still appear on the TOEFL. Examples include outreach, which means the act of communicating with or helping others, and outcropping, a word for stones, trees, or other natural formations that stick out from the rest of their surroundings.

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The Magoosh comic below shows out– in its common “more than” sense. The TOEFL examples that follow will deal with the prefix out- in all of its senses.

Target Score Unit 4 Prefix Activity_Page_12

Examples of out– in TOEFL vocabulary

  • A TOEFL lecture from an art history classThe Impressionist Movement can be seen as part of the outcry against photo-realistic art. With the invention of the camera, the art world began to crave art that was radically different from photos… People really got sick of realistic paintings quickly!
  • A TOEFL Reading passageHorns are common adaptation in many different species of mammal. In mammal species such as the red deer or the yak, horns develop as a bone-like extension of the skull. In other species, horns are actually hair-like outgrowths surrounded by hardened excretions of keratin; this can be seen in the rhinoceros.
  • A passage from TOEFL Speaking Task 3A newer, larger science facility will be built this summer, to replace the old science building. Dr. Martin Walter, the chair of the university’s science department welcomes this change, saying “Demand for classroom and lab space has really outpaced the resources we have in the current building.”

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