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Magoosh Comics: A Time for Diplomacy

Recently, I talked about the use of diplomatic language in the English speaking workplace. Even if diplomacy comes easy to you, applying that skill to your second language takes care and training.

It can also be difficult to quickly switch from English diplomacy to less diplomatic English in work situations. But there are times when you may need to abruptly stop being diplomatic. Diplomatic language can seem strange or sarcastically insulting in emergency situations. And diplomatic speech can make you seem weak if you use it on people who are beneath you in the chain of command. This is especially true if the people you supervise are doing something seriously wrong.

In this post, I’ve made some Magoosh Comics to help you think about the importance of using diplomacy in some situations, while quickly dropping diplomacy at other times. Keep these kinds of differences in the back of your mind, and you’ll be ready to “shift gears” rapidly in your second language. When you need to suddenly drop diplomacy or suddenly pick it up again, you’ll be ready!