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Learn Business English With CNN Money: The Chinese Yuan

CNN Money is a wonderful source of business English practice. Today, we’ll look at a 2015 CNN money article about Chinese currency.

Click the link in the previous sentence to access the article on CNN Money. To help you understand this article, I’ve created a list of key terms with definitions. I’ve also recorded audio of the article. You can treat my audio as listening practice and as a model for pronunciation of words and phrases often used in business English.

Important business English vocabulary

  • depreciate: to lose some value; to become less valuable in the market
  • vexed: confused, upset
  • emanating: literally means transmitting a sound from inside a chamber or area; in the context of this article, it means sending information from an original source
  • naked: literally means not wearing any clothes; in the context of this article, it means obviously improper
  • currency war: a fierce international competition where different countries cause their currency to have less value on the global market, in an effort to attract foreign consumers and encourage in-country spending
  • closing price: the last price or value of a currency or stock, as reported at the end of the business day
  • opaque: not clear, not open to public view
  • market orientation: the quality of following the practices of an economic market
  • echoed: repeated words or information
  • inject: literally means to put fluid into something by using a syringe (seen in medial shots one receives on a doctor’s visit); in the context of the article, this refers to adding economic activity into a part of the Chinese market
  • abysmal: terrible, upsetting, suggesting a very bad situation
  • tit-for-tat: a colloquial form of “this-for-that;” refers to one person or group doing the exact same thing as a another person or group
  • setting off: starting a process that cannot be controlled once it begins (has a negative connotation)
  • stuck to their guns: refused to change their argument or course of action
  • naysayers:  people who openly disagree with an argument or course of action
  • acknowledging:  confirming something to be true
  • reference rate mechanism: a system to decide the rate of exchange between one country’s money and the currency used in other countries

Audio for the purposes of business English listening and speaking practice

(The sound file will open and play in a new window.)
learn business English cnn money


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