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Learn Business With CNN Money: Blackberry Phones

Remember when everyone had a Blackberry? Whatever happened to Blackberry phones anyway? Find out with business English practice from CNN Money.

To help you understand this article, “End of an era: Blackberry will stop making its own phones,” I’ve created a list of key vocabulary terms. I’ve also recorded a read-aloud of the article. You can listen to it for business English reading practice, and it’s also useful for business English listening practice.

The audio can help you practice business English speaking too; you can treat my pronunciation as a model for your own spoken use of the common business English terms in the article.

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Key business English terms

  • look and feel: the appearance of a product and the way the product operates; the sense customers get when using a product
  • joint venture: a partnership between two companies so that the companies can work together on a specific project or product
  • slid: the past tense of “slide” (an irregular verb); in the context of this article, this word means “decreased”
  • early trading: the buying and selling of stocks shortly after an important announcement about a company or an economic market
  • well-regarded: thought of as good; respected
  • droves: large numbers of something
  • plethora: a wide variety of things
  • bled red ink: lost a lot of money, failed to make a profit, went into debt (term originates from the practice of using red ink or red lettering to indicate financial costs and losses on business reports; this practice is common in the English speaking world)
  • killed off: discontinued; got rid of
  • proverbial: mentioned in colloquial expressions
  • going under: financially failing; ending all business operations
  • rainy day: a colloquial expression referring to a time in the future when a resource that has been saved will be needed
  • break even: to cover all expenses without actually making a profit
  • hefty premium: a high price for purchasing something
  • chatter:  gossip; conversations about a subject that are based on imagination and guesses
  • rumor mill:  the source or origin of chatter and gossip
  • under their watch: under their supervision and management
  • lightning will strike: an unusual, rare event will happen
  • pull off:  to successfully make something happen

Audio reading of the article

Use this audio for English speaking practice and for model English pronunciation. Click the image below to play the file, which will open up in a new window:

business English practice


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