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400 Advanced TOEFL Vocabulary Words

You asked, and we listened! Our students have been asking for more difficult TOEFL vocabulary practice, so I spent April creating flashcards for the 400 most important advanced TOEFL vocabulary words. And today, they are ready for you! Our TOEFL flashcards now have a total of 600 words, in 12 decks of 50 each. If you want to build an advanced vocabulary for the TOEFL, this is a great place to start. 🙂 Many of these words came directly from past TOEFL exams, and all might appear on your test!

We did more than just making new flashcards, though. We also added pronunciation!

Flashcard pronunciation

If you want to know how to pronounce a new word, just tap the little speaker button and you’ll hear the word spoken. I recommend listening and repeating a few times when a word is new to you. It will help you both remember the word and improve your general pronunciation by imitating a native speaker.

So do you know what “cull” means? How about “apex” or “audacious“? If you don’t know them, do you know how to say them? Now is your chance to learn! The great thing about a flashcard app is that you can study anytime and anywhere. Even if you have just 5 minutes, give it a try now! Any time you can spend improving your TOEFL score is time well spent. 🙂

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