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TOEFL Tuesday: Speaking Sample Answer – Task 3

The third speaking task on the TOEFL tells you to read, then listen, then summarize in your own words. This week, I give you my sample answer to this type of task, so you can see how to structure your answer on your TOEFL. But in order to understand my answer, you will need to first read and listen. If you don’t know the material, my answer won’t make sense!

So start with this PDF, which includes the reading and listening.

I’m going to give an answer to task 3, which starts on the third page of the PDF.



Now, for a bit more context, here are my notes:




  • Schol.
  • Essay+plan => study in Rome
  • Only lang. stud.





  • Oth. stud?
  • No fair
  • Hist, Class, Ren…
  • Want compete all


Notice how short they are! You only need the main ideas on paper to give a great response to a question like this one.

If you listen to my answer, you will hear a clear structure. I talk first about the announcement in the reading, then about the student’s opinion, and why she has that opinion. There are two reasons for her opinion, so I talk about those two separately. Since you have 60 seconds to answer speaking task three, you should be careful about timing the different parts in the structure. The first part, explaining the situation, should be very short! Most of your answer will be about the student’s opinion and reasons.

After you hear me give my answer (or before!) you should try it yourself!

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