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Are There a Lot of TOEFL Dates Left in 2015?

Update:Ā For a list of updated test dates, check out this post: TOEFL Exam Dates 2016. šŸ™‚

Are you trying to take the TOEFL before the end of the year? Perhaps your university deadlines require it, or perhaps you’ve just set a personal goal for yourself to get it done. Whatever the case, you’ll need to secure a test date if you want to accomplish those goals.

It’s the very end of September right now. That means that you have three months left in 2015 to take the TOEFL – October, November, and December. So, are there a lot of TOEFL dates left in 2015? The short answer is yes! The long answer is, it depends. Read on for more information!


Remaining TOEFL Dates in 2015

The TOEFL is offered many times each year — more than 50!Ā But of course, the availability of test dates varies by location.

For example, if I wanted to take the TOEFL by the end of the year, I would be able to do so in a few locations in the San Francisco Bay Area. In San Francisco alone, there are 12 remaining dates in 2015 — 3 in October, 4 in November, and 5 in December. I could also take the exam in Berkeley (where theĀ MagooshĀ office is located!); there are 10 remaining dates thereĀ — 1 in October, 4 in November, and 5 in December.

There are a lot of locations with more than a handful ofĀ test dates left in 2015: Cordoba, Argentina; Caracas, Venezuela; Mexico City, Mexico; Bangalore, India (20 dates left here! 5 in October, 8 in November, and 7 in December); Bordeaux, France; the list goes on!

There are also a lot of locations that have very few test dates left in 2015. If, for example, you live in Goettingen, Germany, you have only one chance to take the TOEFL before the end of the year: October 16th. This is true of a lot of smaller towns as well, likeĀ Guanajuato, Mexico, andĀ Tres Coracoes, Brazil.

As you could have guessed, if the town in which you plan to take the TOEFL is small, there will be fewer test dates left.


Will you be able to secure a test date?

ETS recommends registering for the test 3-4 months in advance, but we’ve had plenty of students who have registered much closer to the date. This definitely depends on your testing location — some centers are much more competitive than others, and seats fill up in advance. To check availability for your testing location, create or sign into your ETS TOEFL account.Ā Ā Then click, “Register for a Test.” You can see available test dates without completing the registration process. šŸ™‚


Best of luck!


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