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Where to Find Full-Length TOEFL Practice Tests


Ready to start studying? Look no further! Check out our free TOEFL Practice Test and Magoosh TOEFL Practice Questions PDF. For complete preparation, with video explanations, sample answers, and the best TOEFL strategies, check out Magoosh’s online TOEFL preparation.

So you want extra TOEFL practice? Maybe a TOEFL practice test or two? You may think that ETS—the company that makes the TOEFL—would provide some sort of free TOEFL practice test online. After all, the ETS has two free GRE “powerprep” tests and four free SATs online (although the SAT is administered by the College Board, ETS still makes the test). But alas, that’s not the case. A free official TOEFL practice test does not exist! But fear not, because there are many more free TOEFL practice test resources out there! We’ve hunted them down and compiled a list.

TOEFL practice test

Why not! Practice tests are a great way to discover your skills and weaknesses, and understand where you make mistakes. Are you a spelling bee champ, but lack speaking skills? Can you ace the essay but need to improve your reading comprehension?

TOEFL Practice Test

That depends. Are you preparing for a TOEFL that’s two weeks away or two months away? Have you already taken a test or are you just starting to study? The best way to track your progress is to take a TOEFL practice test at the beginning of your prep period to assess your skill level, then to track your progress with 1 or 2 practice tests during your TOEFL prep. At the end of your TOEFL prep, assess where you are (measured against your goal score) with one last practice test before test day. Then, refine whatever skills need a last-minute touch-up.

where to find TOEFL practice test
You now know why you should take a TOEFL practice test and when to take a TOEFL practice test but do you know where to find full-length TOEFL practice tests? There seem to be many floating around the internet, but you’ll want to use only trusted, high-quality resources in order to really improve your score.

Free Practice Tests

Magoosh Free TOEFL Practice Test

Think ETS’ Quick Prep but with more test-like instructions and explanation videos. The Magoosh Free TOEFL Sample Test is like the TOEFL, but shorter. It’s the most comprehensive free TOEFL practice test resource out there, and a great place to start your studying. Like the official TOEFL test, this sample test is formatted into four sections: reading, listening, speaking, and writing. Each section is an abbreviated version of what you would find on the TOEFL itself. While a full-length TOEFL iBT test takes 4 hours, this one will take you 2 hours to complete. Since this sample test is the same in structure, format, and style as the official TOEFL test, this TOEFL sample test is one of our favorite (and most recommended!) resources for students.

TOEFL iBT Interactive Sampler

The interactive sampler is a great resource for free TOEFL practice…if you use Windows, that is. If you have a Mac, this program won’t work for you as it’s currently Windows-only. The software is created to simulate to a real TOEFL, and is almost a full test, including:

  • Three reading tasks (equal to one whole reading section)
  • Two listening tasks (equal to ⅓ of a section)
  • Three speaking tasks (½ of a section)
  • Two writing tasks (one whole section)

In addition to the content listed above, there are also sample responses for the speaking and writing questions—something that could help some students.

Magoosh Free TOEFL Practice Questions

Like the TOEFL iBT Test Questions listed below, Magoosh’s Free TOEFL Practice Questions come in PDF form. However, if you use this question set per the instructions, you won’t even miss the audio or software aspect. Magoosh design this PDF with specific instructions before each set. At the end, there are detailed explanations explaining every question and answer. The TOEFL expert team packs tons of useful information into this PDF. Sections include:

  • Reading Section Questions
  • Listening Section Questions
  • Speaking Section Questions
  • Writing Section Questions

Unlike the iBT Test Questions, Magoosh’s Question PDF provides a very real test-like experience. Follow the instructions, and you’ll have a good idea of what test day will be like. Plus, tons of great question and answer explanations at the end!

TOEFL iBT Test Questions

With no audio recordings, this PDF is the least helpful set of TOEFL prep questions. And—since it’s just a PDF—you won’t get the same experience as if you were to use prep software or even an app. Included you’ll find:

  • One reading task (⅓ of a section)
  • Three listening tasks (½ of a section)
  • Six speaking tasks (one whole section)
  • Two writing tasks (one whole section)

That gives you one of every type of question that’s on the TOEFL, although it’s not a very test-like experience. If you want to mimic a real practice test for free, try the Magoosh TOEFL sample test listed above instead.

ETS Quick Prep

There are four more PDFs similar to the “Test Questions” set that ETS calls “Quick Prep.” But this time, there’s audio! Well, there is audio for two of the PDFs. Each of the four PDFs is almost perfectly a half of a test:

  • One reading task (⅓)
  • Three listening tasks (½)
  • Three speaking tasks (½)
  • One writing task (½)

If you do volumes three and four, which both have audio, you almost do a full practice test, minus one reading task. You can add in a reading task from either volume one or two and get a full-length test. But there is still one big difference between that and a real TOEFL practice test: there is no software like in the “Interactive Sampler.” That means you don’t have a time counting down when you speak, you are able to look at questions during a lecture (not possible on the real TOEFL), and generally, you don’t have the same experience and feeling as from a full test.

So if you are new to the TOEFL, start with a shorter practice test from the Interactive Sampler. Then, if you want to try a full, four-hour test, you can combine quick-prep tests to create another, keeping in mind how it is different from the real TOEFL software.

Paid Practice Tests

Magoosh Online TOEFL Preparation

Not only does Magoosh TOEFL prep offer practice tests, but it also packs a lot of extra perks into its product. Video explanations, top TOEFL strategies, and sample answers are just a few of the supplementary material included in the Magoosh TOEFL prep. Use it in conjunction with Magoosh’s free TOEFL products-like the free sample test and practice questions PDF-to take your TOEFL prep to the next level. Each practice test is easy-to-follow, with a clean design so you won’t get lost in the software-like those other products out there!

The Official Guide to the TOEFL

Although it may be lacking in skill-building materials and the amount of practice materials it contains, the ETS’ Official Guide to the TOEFL is the most accurate-to-the-test guidebook out there. After all, it’s written by the same company that makes the test! The book contains three in the Official Guide to the TOEFL contains three That book comes with a CD that includes three full-length tests. The first of those three is not a perfect representation of the current TOEFL iBT—some small details are different—but it is extremely similar, and is good practice. The second and third tests are almost exactly the same as current iBT tests. The software is also very similar to what you will see on test day. 

Official TOEFL iBT Test (Volumes 1 & 2)

The tests in the official guide aren’t the only ones available for cheap. There are five more full-length TOEFL tests in the book called Official TOEFL iBT Tests with Audio. But there is one bad aspect of these tests: if you buy the 1st edition, they are only on paper, not on computer software. Similarly to Quick Prep, you can’t get a perfect practice test experience from that book. But the second edition comes with a CD that’s very similar to the CD for the Official Guide. It has the five practice tests from this book, all on the same software as the official guide. And again, that software is good, but not perfect. Volume 2 is extremely similar in structure and design, but the questions are different. Since the questions are new, they’re more similar in content to the TOEFL itself. And despite the fact that it’s the same software as the other two books, it’s still packed full with high-quality content.

TOEFL Practice Online (TPO) Test

Every year, ETS sells a new set of past TOEFL tests online—most people call these the TPO tests. Each TPO test is basically a full-length TOEFL on your home computer (Windows only). They’re the best practice tests you can buy, and they give you a score, unlike many of the options above. But there are very big downsides: 

  • They’re $45 each. You can buy both volumes of Official TOEFL iBT Tests, getting TEN full tests instead of one for a similar price.
  • You can’t take them twice. After you finish a test, it’s done.
  • Despite the price, speaking and writing are only computer-graded. The speaking grader is terrible. You cannot trust its score.

I don’t recommend taking a TPO unless all of these are true of you, personally:

  • You have never taken the real TOEFL before (with official scores) or a TPO before.
  • You have enough money that the price is comfortable for you.
  • You become very stressed during tests like the TOEFL, and it usually hurts your score.

In other words, the TPO tests can give you practice with test anxiety, because it’s very similar to the real test. But for the most part, they’re not worthwhile because the tests in ETS books are better priced.

2 Responses to Where to Find Full-Length TOEFL Practice Tests

  1. Eloy Jerviz December 15, 2016 at 3:17 am #

    Hi Lucas, thanks for an interesting article. I would like to ask you about the test’s speaking section. I’ve taken a TPO few days ago, and I saw I could record my speaking responses several times. Is this possible in test day?

    • Magoosh Test Prep Expert
      Magoosh Test Prep Expert December 15, 2016 at 11:02 am #

      Hi Eloy,

      On the actual TOEFL, you will only have 15 seconds to prepare and 45 seconds to answer the question! You can’t repeat or re-do the recording. I’m not sure why you were given multiple chances to respond–were you using the TPO as an untimed practice test? There are some important differences between the timed and untimed TPO! For more accurate preparation, try out the timed TPO 🙂

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