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English Pronunciation Resources for Native Chinese Speakers

In my last post for Chinese students, I looked at some of the consonant sounds in English that are difficult for native Mandarin speakers.

Today, I’m here to show Magoosh’s Chinese learners some of the best resources on the web for pronunciation of English consonants. Read on!

  • English Speak Like a Native (ESLAN) presents 15 Common Pronunciation Problems for Chinese Learners. This guide gives a great overview of the most common challenges Chinese students face when pronouncing English, with many examples. 8 of the 15 common errors involve consonants. Unfortunately, there isn’t any audio of the examples. But the page does use IPA symbols to give you a good idea of the sounds involved. You may want to also consider copying and pasting the example words into Google Translate, and using the “play sound” function.
  • The videos for Chinese students on the Rachel’s English Youtube Channel. Rachel’s English has some great clips designed to help Chinese students with pronunciation. The following video is really helpful for Chinese learners who need to improve their English consonant pronunciation. It focuses both on consonants and on vowels as they relate to consonants.


Rachel’s other Youtube Videos for Chinese students are linked below:


One Response to English Pronunciation Resources for Native Chinese Speakers

  1. swan July 8, 2015 at 11:41 pm #

    thanks a lot. I hope it will be helpful!

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