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TOEFL Listening Practice- Answers

Below you can find the answers to the listening practice set posted on December 18th. After the multiple choice answer, I wrote the time in the video at which the answer can be heard (if the answer was specifically stated in a single excerpt), and I quoted the relevant sentence or sentences. If you have any questions, leave me a comment, and I’ll get right back to you!

1. C

Relevant passage: 00:10 – “I’m Robert Wolf, and I’m President—well, I should say past President of the State Archaeological Society.”

2. B

Relevant passage: 00:41- “And in reality, many divers—the ones we call “treasure-hunters”- do try to find shipwrecks with valuables still aboard them. In fact, that’s one of the problems we face in this field.”

3. B

Relevant passage for A: 00:53- “Some shipwrecks have literally been torn apart by treasure-hunters searching for gold coins or jewelry, even if there wasn’t any there.”

Relevant passage for C: “And underwater archaeologists weren’t able to get much information from these ships.”

D is not stated, but implied by the speaker’s discussion of treasure-hunters.

4. C

Relevant passage: 01:22- “Unlike sites on land, a shipwreck—it’s uncontaminated. It’s not disturbed by the generations of people who live on the site later.”

5. D

Relevant passage: 01:57- “So I’m mostly going to stick to shipwrecks that occurred here, that happened off the coast of New England, and I’m going to talk about what we’ve learned from them—what archaeologists have learned from them.”


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