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Any vs. Some: Review

In my last three posts on this topic, I explained the rules for using “any,” and “some.” Here are the basic rules.

1) A word containing “any” can only be used in a negative statement that contains the word “not.” Take the adverb “anymore.” You can say “I don’t live in this house anymore.” But you can’t say “I live in this house anymore.”

2) Words containing “some” can only be used in positive statements. This can be seen with the pronoun “somebody.” It’s possible to say “I heard it from somebody.” However, “I didn’t hear it from somebody“ is ungrammatical.

3) You can break rules 1 and 2 in the following kinds of sentences: yes/no questions, conditional statements, statements of ability, statements of disagreement or contradiction, and statements that use the adjectives “hardly” and “barely.” For details, see the chart of exceptions here.

“Any” and “some” are adjectives, and they can also be root words in adverbs and pronouns. Here is a chart of the different forms of “any” and “some:”


Download the Any vs. Some Review Worksheet, where you can review all of the words, rules, and exceptions to the rules for “any” and “some.”


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