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TOEFL Scores for Business School

Last updated: 1/28/16.

Unlike in most other fields, many of the top business schools world-wide require competence in English—even schools that aren’t in English-speaking places. So if an MBA is in your future, there’s a good chance that you’ll need to report your TOEFL scores, as well as your GMAT scores, for business school.

Below I’ve made a chart of some popular, high-ranking MBA programs and their required TOEFL scores:

Business SchoolRequired Minimum TOEFL Score
Chicago (Booth)104
Pennsylvania (Wharton)average score = 110; no specified minimum score
Northwestern (Kellogg)average score = 109; no specified minimum score
Dartmouth (Tuck)no specified minimum score

If a school you’re considering isn’t on this list, then you can check the school’s website or call the admissions department for more information about the TOEFL score their business program requires. GMAT Club also has a useful chart that you might find interesting.

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One great way to find this information is go Google, “Program Name + Required TOEFL Score”. These searches will often bring you to the program’s international applicants page, where you can find information about applying to the program as an international student.

Here’s an example:

university of kentucky business school required toefl score Google Search
Also, check out our TOEFL scores infographic, which includes a more complete and updated list of score requirements!


What if there’s no requirement given?

Some programs may not specify a score or may not even require a TOEFL score for business school (particularly if it’s a smaller school that may not have had many international applicants). If that’s the case, it’s still in your best interest to document your English proficiency somehow; otherwise the admissions department is likely to have reservations about your application.

If you studied or worked in an English-speaking country prior to applying to business school or you have some other significant experience in English, you can call the admissions department and ask if there’s an alternative way to prove your English level. At some schools, the completion of a bachelor’s degree in the US is enough to waive the requirement for a standardized English test. Keep in mind that you’ll have to make arrangements separately at each school you plan to apply to, so it may not be worth the effort if you’re casting your net wide.

If you don’t have that experience (or if you don’t want to bother with fighting for alternatives to the test at each individual school), find business schools with similar programs and check their required TOEFL scores. Generally speaking, if no specific TOEFL scores are required for a business school, then the admissions department will be looking at your application more holistically. In that case, as long as you can demonstrate that you’re not going to crumble under the demands of doing coursework in English, you should be fine. If you are still concerned, then call the admissions department to ask for more specific guidance.


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