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Archive | Inferential Statistics

Factorial Design Basics for Statistics

One of the golden standards of experimental design in both the physical and social sciences is a random controlled experiment with only one dependent variable. The limitation to that design is that it overlooks the effects multiple variables may have with one another. In statistics, there is a special design that not only deals with […]

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OLS Assumptions

In statistics, there are numerous ways to analyze data. The whole field revolves around it. Of course, the way that you analyze data depends on both what you want to know and what the data actually are. One of the most common ways to analyze data is using regression models. These types of models estimate […]

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Understanding Variance Analysis

In statistics, you often want to compare several groups to each other to see if there are differences. These comparisons often use variance analysis. Statistical comparisons can often involve numerous groups and variables, but luckily there are several test designed specifically for analyzing the variance between these groups. Variance Analysis Basics In its most basic […]

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Understanding Significance Level

I drink a lot of coffee (because it’s delicious) and I am very particular about how I make my coffee. First cream, then coffee. My wife is always surprised that I can tell if she poured the coffee or the cream first. It is a peculiar habit, but also a statistically significant one. In statistics, […]

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What is Heteroscedasticity?

Statistics is a lot of fun. It is filled with lots of fun words too, like heteroscedasticity, also spelled heteroskedasticity. This is a fun word for a rather odd topic. But this particular topic is essential to interpreting so many other things, like linear regression. Let’s take a deeper look into exactly what heteroscedasticity is […]

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