Descriptive Statistics

How to Make a Histogram

Statistics is all about reading patterns in the numbers. One of the easiest ways to read patterns is to look at a picture, or graph, of the data. In fact, it is so easy, it should be the first thing that you do as a part of any analysis. The most common type of statistical […]

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Measures of Dispersion Explained

How normal is your data? I mean, does your sample seem to represent the population well? Does your data have a regular pattern? Is your data precise or vague? In statistics, we answer these questions using measures of central tendency and measures of dispersion. There are three big measures that help determine if your data […]

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How to Make a Stem and Leaf Plot

One of the best and worst things about statistics is all the different ways that there are to represent data. There are histograms, box plots, and more. I mean, how are you supposed to choose which way to represent the data? One of the quickest ways to represent data is a stem and leaf plot. […]

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