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    Shaun earned his Ph. D. in mathematics from The Ohio State University in 2008 (Go Bucks!!). He received his BA in Mathematics with a minor in computer science from Oberlin College in 2002. In addition, Shaun earned a B. Mus. from the Oberlin Conservatory in the same year, with a major in music composition. Shaun still loves music -- almost as much as math! -- and he (thinks he) can play piano, guitar, and bass. Shaun has taught and tutored students in mathematics for about a decade, and hopes his experience can help you to succeed!

Making Sense of Time Series Data

A time series is nothing more than data measured over time. For example, you could track the Dow Jones Industrial Average from day to day (or even minute by minute!). In this post, we’ll find out how to analyze the components of time series data. For a quick overview of the topic, you might want […]

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