Style and Tone

Using Vivid Imagery in Writing

Using vivid imagery in writing paints a picture in the reader’s mind, and makes your writing far more interesting to read. So, what can you do to use more vivid imagery in your next narrative? Read on for five ways that you can boost the imagery in your next piece of writing.

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How to Use Ellipses

Knowing how to use ellipses properly takes a bit of effort. In addition, different style guides have different rules on how to use them in your writing! Read on for quick tips on how to use ellipses in formal writing, and how they function in informal writing.

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How to Use Parentheses

You may be familiar with the basics of how to use parentheses. But this form of punctuation can get a little tricky, and sometimes we forget that there actually are rules regarding the use of these literary tools! Let’s take a look to see how much you know.

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