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Sales Writing: Urgency and Exclusivity

Two important principles to learn when improving your sales writing are urgency and exclusivity. Urgency involves pushing your readers to act quickly. Whether this means stopping by your office or making an online purchase, you want your readers to make this move as soon as possible while your company is still fresh on their mind.

Exclusivity, on the other hand, refers to the way you personalize your writing, making your reader feel like you’re writing just for him or her. So, how can you use these concepts to improve your writing?

Get Personal

Another way to utilize the idea of exclusivity is to engage your reader by personalizing the copy for the reader. Make the sales copy all about them. Remember that they don’t want to read another sales pitch. Learning as much as you can about your intended audience will help you know what to write about and make the copy more engaging, too.

Draw Attention to Readers’ Needs

Why should they purchase your product or choose your services? For one thing, it should fill a need that they have. To highlight this, ask your readers questions. For example, if you wanted to sell your new laundry detergent, you may ask something like, Do you struggle to get stains out of your clothes? or Have you ever washed your clothes only to have stains remain on your clothes? By asking these questions, you highlight the need that your reader may have and draw attention to how your product can serve their needs.

Demonstrate Your Value

You’ve drawn attention to your readers’ needs. Now, it’s time to show how you can fill that need. Communicate the benefits that your readers will enjoy by choosing your company. You could share stories or reviews from former customers, too.

Use a Call to Action in Your Sales Writing

To create a sense of urgency, use a call to action, usually found at the end of your sales writing. Tell your readers what steps to take after reading the copy. Should they contact you? Should they stop by your store or office? Letting your readers know increases the likelihood that they will take these steps.

Use Time-Sensitive Language

Some of the time-sensitive language you could use includes “limited-time offer,” “expiration date,” or “deadline.” These words tell readers that they need to move quickly and contact you right away therefore creating the sense of urgency needed to get readers to act.

What is your goal for your sales writing? If it’s to increase sales, then you need to create a sense of urgency and exclusivity. Try utilizing these tips to help your readers feel like the writing is personal while pushing them to act quickly.

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