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How to Write a Follow Up Email After Application: Best Practices

You found the perfect job. After closely reading the job description, you craft the perfect resume and cover letter. You send it to the hiring manager, and then the waiting game begins. If you’re pacing back and forth as you await your answer, consider writing a follow up email after application submission. Here are a few things that you should know before sending it.

Why Should You Send a Follow Up Email After Application Submissions?

The purpose of a follow up email after applications are sent is to help you stand out from the pack. It shows the hiring manager that you’re very interested in the position, too. In fact, some companies wait to see who will send a follow up email to decide who they should bring in for an interview.

When Should You Send It?

You should wait to send the follow up email if you haven’t heard back from the hiring manager after two weeks. Of course, in some cases it would be better to send the email after just one week. Think about the position and how quickly they will be making the hiring decisions to determine how long to wait before sending your follow up email.

How Should You Get the Contact Information?

Check the job posting for an email address for the employers or recruiters. If there isn’t an email listed, you could call the company for it or send a letter in the mail instead of over email. However, if there is no email address listed and the posting specifically says not to contact the company, you’re going to have to forgo writing the follow up email after application.

What Should The Email Say?

Start with the subject line. Keep it simple and direct. Include the title of the position for which you applied and your first and last name.

In the body of the email, aim to be polite, professional, and to the point. Include the following things:

  1. A salutation with the hiring manager’s name: Dear Mr./Ms. ________________,
  2. Reminder about your application: I applied for the Customer Support Specialist position on January 24, 2018.
  3. Discussion of your interest level: I am very excited about the prospect of working for your company and hope to meet for an interview.
  4. Ask questions about the hiring process and what you can expect: What are the next steps in the recruiting process? Will all candidates be contacted? Is there any additional information or documents that you require?
  5. Thank them for taking the time to review your resume: Thank you for considering me for the position.
  6. Closing: Regards, YOUR ONLINE SIGNATURE
  7. Your contact information including first and last name, email, and phone number

What Should You Refrain from Doing?

Hiring managers have said that the number one phrase that people use in a follow up email after application submissions is some form of “just checking in”. Don’t do it! Stand out from others by using a different way to say this.

Don’t forget to proofread your email before sending it. You want to make a great impression that will help you get your foot in the door. Make sure that your email will create a positive image of you, so you can get to the next stage of the hiring process.

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