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Archive | Grammar

What Is a Dangling Participle?

Dangling participles cause confusion and badly written sentences. You do not want to make this mistake, particularly in your professional writing. But what is a dangling participle, and how can you avoid it? Here’s a handy, brief guide to help you out.

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What Is a Participle?

What is a participle? Fully understanding the intricacies of participles and participial phrases can be complex. But in this article, we’ll be taking the easy street! To get a good grasp on the basics, take a look at this guide.

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How to Use Ellipses

Knowing how to use ellipses properly takes a bit of effort. In addition, different style guides have different rules on how to use them in your writing! Read on for quick tips on how to use ellipses in formal writing, and how they function in informal writing.

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