How to Survive Your First Year Teaching

I completely understand the need to survive first year teaching. When I was a new teacher, I was barely keeping my head above water and I was afraid I’d sink any day. I’ve been there, but I made it through! Here’s my advice on how to survive first year teaching.

Choose a Time to Stop Working Each Day

You could work until midnight every night and get up at 5 am and start again. In the moment, it may feel like you are being more productive, but in reality, this is a sure-fire way to burn out before winter break. You need sleep and “me time” to recharge in order to survive first year teaching. Take time for yourself, even if you need to schedule it firmly on your calendar.

How to Survive First Year Teaching Magoosh

Have Someone Outside School to Vent To

You need to talk about the stresses of work, but don’t create a toxic work environment by venting to your co-workers. Talk to your mom, a friend, a roommate, or a significant other about what you’re going through and allow them to support you. Do know when to stop talking about school, too, and allow yourself to take a “mental break.”

Don’t Be a Perfectionist!

This one was so difficult for me. I had been so successful during high school and college that it was really hard to find myself in such a vulnerable place. I thought I was doomed to be a terrible teacher forever! In reality, I was just learning, like we all do. I became a super perfectionist; I thought if I made this one lesson perfect, then I would be redeemed. You know what? I’m an experienced teacher now and I still bomb lessons. Let go of being a perfectionist and learn to forgive yourself.

Seek Out Support

Find an administrator or teacher at your school who can help you by giving feedback on your lessons or letting you observe in your classroom. Ideally, this should be an ongoing mentorship arrangement that begins before you really begin to struggle. Support is essential to survive your first year of teaching, so don’t be afraid to be firm and ask your administrator for what you need.

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