Praxis Math

10 Praxis Core Math Tips

Not everyone is a “math person,” and even skilled math students can get out of practice if they haven’t had to do math in a while. If your math skills are a little shaky, there are number of steps you can take to prepare for Praxis Core Math. Below are ten tips to help you […]

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Fractions on the Praxis Core Math Test: Part Three

This is the last of three part series: a) Part One dealt with fraction addition and subtraction b) Part Two dealt with fraction multiplication & division, including proportions c) This part deals with improper fractions vs. mixed numerals First, a practice question: Solutions will appear at the end of this article.   Improper fractions One […]

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How to Improve Your Praxis Core Math Score

It happens; you didn’t do as well as you’d hoped on Praxis Core Math, either in practice or in the actual test. Maybe you’re not a “math person,” or maybe you are pretty good at math, but are out of practice on certain types of problem solving. Either way, many test takers find that the […]

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Pacing and Timing Yourself on Praxis Core Math

When you take the Praxis, it often feels like time is not your friend. Paradoxically, worrying about “beating the clock” during the exam can make your timing and your performance worse. If you’re constantly checking your remaining time and stressing over how long it takes you to complete each problem, the added strain can cause […]

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Fractions on the Praxis Core Math Test: Part Two

In the previous post, we discussed the basics of fractions as well as fraction addition and subtraction.  As promised, in this post, we will discuss fraction multiplication and division.  Have courage, friends!  With study and practice, you can become a pro with fractions! We’ll start with a couple practice problems. Solutions will follow the article. […]

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Fractions on the Praxis Core Math Test: Part One

On the Praxis Core Mathematics Test, you will have to do problems with fractions.  Ah, fractions!  While mathematical folks love these little critters, I know that so many folks who are, shall we say, less-than-fond of mathematics would rather go through their whole life without ever thinking about fractions.  Some math-phobic people might even think: […]

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5 Strategies for Studying Praxis Math

If you want to become a teacher, I think that’s great! I have devoted my life to education, and I think teachers are wonderful people who do extremely important work. Of course, one of the challenges you will have to face in becoming a teacher is the Praxis Core Mathematics Test. If you have studied […]

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Praxis Math Formulas Cheat Sheet

I will confess, I feel a certain pedagogical ambivalence about offering this list of Praxis math formulas for Praxis Core Math. It’s absolutely true that for success in the Praxis Mathematics Test, you should be familiar with some basic formulas; in this vein, it’s worthwhile to share these formulas with students. Beware, though: one of […]

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Praxis Math: Alternate Question Formats

Most of the 56 questions on the Praxis Core Math test will be standard five-choice multiple choice, the same question format you have seen on standardized testing for most of your life. Those are not new to anyone. But, a handful of questions will be one of two other types: Multiple Answer questions Numeric Entry […]

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