Book Review: McGraw-Hill’s Praxis Guide

This book, McGraw-Hill’s Praxis I & II, 3rd edition, was published in 2010, around the same time as the out-of-date Praxis Official Guide, and it shares some of the same oversights of that Guide. It refers to the test by the old name, the PPST, rather than by the new name, the Core. This is […]

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What is a Good Praxis Score?

Wondering “What is a good Praxis score?”? A good Praxis score is a passing score. This is not a test like the SAT or GRE where your scores are going to be scrutinized next to those of other test-takers for the chance at your dream school (or in this case, job). All that matters is […]

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Introducing Magoosh’s Praxis Core Prep!

I am so excited to announce Magoosh’s newest test prep offering: the Praxis Core! Our goal is to help aspiring teachers get one step closer to the classroom. Because Magoosh is made up of former teachers and education lovers, we are ecstatic about helping more students pass the Praxis.     About Magoosh’s Praxis Core Prep The […]

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Praxis Math Formulas Cheat Sheet

I will confess, I feel a certain pedagogical ambivalence about offering this list of Praxis math formulas for Praxis Core Math. It’s absolutely true that for success in the Praxis Mathematics Test, you should be familiar with some basic formulas; in this vein, it’s worthwhile to share these formulas with students. Beware, though: one of […]

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Praxis Math: Alternate Question Formats

Most of the 56 questions on the Praxis Core Math test will be standard five-choice multiple choice, the same question format you have seen on standardized testing for most of your life. Those are not new to anyone. But, a handful of questions will be one of two other types: Multiple Answer questions Numeric Entry […]

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When Can I Take the Praxis Exam?

The Praxis Core is offered on a rolling basis continuously throughout the year, but if you also need to take a Praxis Subject test, be sure to check the windows of availability for your subject area. The range of available dates varies based on popularity of the tests. Here are the testing date windows for […]

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Can I Use a Calculator on the Praxis Core Math?

One of the most common questions that come up on any math test, the Praxis Core math exam included, is whether or not you can use a calculator. Rest assured: Yes, you will be provided with an on-screen, four-function calculator on the Praxis Core. You’ll be able to access it on all of the math […]

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Introduction to the Praxis Core Writing Test

The Praxis Core is made up of math, reading and writing tests. The Praxis Core Writing Test has two parts: the selected response questions and the two essays. For Praxis writing, I’ll cover the selected response questions first and then overview the essays. The Selected Response Questions The first 40 question on the Praxis Writing […]

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How Do I Send in My Praxis Score Report?

Knowing where you need to send your Praxis score report is not always obvious, and it can be an expensive process if you don’t take advantage of the option to designate your free score recipients at the testing center. Take a look at the FAQs below for everything you need to know about sending in […]

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What is the Praxis?

If you want to teach in the U.S. public school system, you’ve probably heard of the Praxis. So, what is the Praxis? It’s a series of exams used for certifying and licensing teachers in the United States. Some graduate schools of education will also require the Praxis as part of admission to their program. Run […]

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