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Best Books to Prepare You for Student Teaching

Throughout your college experience, you’ve spent a lot of time learning about methodologies and strategies for teaching. However, nothing quite prepares you for the moment that you first step in front of a classroom full of students. With student teaching looming near, here are some great books for student teaching to help you better prepare for the moment that you walk into the classroom.

The First Days of School: How to Be an Effective Teacher

This book, written by Harry K. Wong and Rosemary T. Wong, was assigned reading in one of my college courses. It provides great ideas for how to set up a successful classroom at the beginning of the year. Some of the topics include teacher and student introductions, creating classroom procedures, and helping students master the lesson material.

Teach Like a Champion

Doug Lemov offers 49 classroom management techniques that you can put to use in your classroom. There are lots of practical ideas that are broken down, so they’re easy to replicate. You’ll find that not every idea is viable for you, but you’ll definitely find several that you can try.

Teach Like Your Hair’s on Fire

The author of Teach Like Your Hair’s on Fire, Rafe Esquith, is the only educator to ever receive the National Medal of the Arts. In his book, he talks about accidently setting his hair on fire. The book is full of proven techniques that work and help students take charge of their own learning.

However, some of the ideas that he shares from his own teaching experience are a little unrealistic for most teachers. For example, he puts on a Shakespearean play with students or travels by airplane on a fieldtrip. Just don’t get overwhelmed by these ideas!

How Children Succeed

Paul Tough found that one of the greatest indicators of a child’s future success was their character traits. In this book, he discusses the importance of building students’ character by creating a classroom for academic growth and the development of character skills. He offers tips on how you can help students develop the traits that they need to succeed in life.

Letters to a New Teacher

There’s a reason that new teachers are encouraged to find a mentor. A mentor is a great person to turn to when you have questions or need advice. In this book, Jim Burke includes letters that a new teacher wrote to him with the responses that he sent back. These letters answer a lot of questions that new teachers have with helpful solutions and advice.

Teaching Content Outrageously

If you’re worried about creating lesson plans that your students will enjoy, you need to check out Teaching Content Outrageously by Stanley Pogrow. The book has tips for getting students excited and engaged in the lessons. He provides lesson plans and examples for different grade levels, too.

Discipline with Dignity

One of the toughest things that student teachers have to deal with is classroom management. In Discipline with Dignity, Richard Curwin discusses common discipline problems and approaches for dealing with difficult students. He suggests ways of giving students leeway without losing control of the classroom.
Are there any books for student teaching that you found helpful? Tell us about them in the comments below.

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