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Can You Complete Student Teaching Abroad?

In 2014, there were over 300,000 college students who chose to study abroad. These students took advantage of the opportunity to learn about other cultures as they stepped outside of their comfort zones. But what about student teaching abroad?

Completing student teaching abroad can be an incredibly rewarding experience as you immerse yourself in a new culture and a new way of teaching students. To find a placement in one of the hundreds of countries that accepts foreign student teachers, take the following steps.

1. Talk to Your Advisor

If possible, you should meet with your adviser during your sophomore year or at the beginning of your junior year to make sure that you’re on track to graduate. Discuss any missing credits that you need to make up, so you’ll know when you’ll be prepared to complete your student teaching.

2. Meet with the Study Abroad Department

In most colleges, the Study Abroad or International Studies Department handles student teaching abroad. You should schedule a meeting with someone in this office or attend one of their presentations on campus. During this time, be sure to ask any questions that you have about the process and make sure that it’s something that they even offer at the school.

3. Reach Out to Program Coordinators

If your school doesn’t offer student teaching abroad programs, there are other options to try. Talk to the educational department at your college about an exchange or partnership with another college that does offer these opportunities.

You could also reach out to third party organizations that help students find placements in different countries. Some of the organizations that you should check out include:

4. Research Possible Study Abroad Locations

Moving to a new country can be intimidating and a tad frightening. It can also give you an opportunity to live in a new place, learn about different cultures, and push yourseld out of your comfort zone.

Take the time to thoroughly research your student teaching placement options. Consider the language barrier, cultural differences, educational differences, teacher expectations, dietary needs, religious customs, and other things about each place. Then, make the choice that’s right for you.

5. Start Saving Money

Your regular tuition should cover the cost of the semester. However, there are other expenses that you need to prepare for. Some of these expenses include travel, room and board, and food.

Some programs offer stipends to help you pay for your living expenses. Otherwise, you can apply for grants through your college or through the Department of Education.

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