Praxis Scores

Praxis Score Release Dates

You took the Praxis! It’s over! Hooray! I’m sure you aced it. But…when will you know for sure? Luckily, you don’t have to wait too long for Praxis score release dates. Score Release Dates for the Praxis Core Since the Praxis Core is offered continuously, the date that your scores are available is based on […]

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Selected Response and Constructed Response on the Praxis Exams

The official Praxis website makes many references to selected response and constructed response in its test information and preparatory materials. To prepare effectively for the Praxis series of exams, it’s good to know what these terms mean. A deep understanding of the nature of these two response types can help you know what to do […]

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Understanding Your Praxis Test Results

Often in the hectic task of preparing for Praxis, teachers-in-training focus on exam content rather than exam scoring. This is a good thing for the most part—it’s your content knowledge that will determine the Praxis score, and successful test-takers aim for knowing as much as possible, rather than just hitting a minimum performance benchmark. Still, […]

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Understanding Your Praxis Raw Score

When you complete a Praxis exam, you’ll immediately receive a raw score for your test—this score is specifically there to help you understand how you just did. So it’s important to understand your raw score—what it looks like, how it’s calculated, and what it measures.

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What Are Passing Praxis Scores?

So you’ve decided to take the Praxis Core. Congratulations! But now you might be wondering, “How well do I need to do to get my certificate?” Fortunately, the Praxis Core is a pass-fail exam. You don’t need to be in the top 99th percentile to receive your certification. For the Praxis, passing scores will be […]

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What is a Good Praxis Score?

Wondering “What is a good Praxis score?”? A good Praxis score is a passing score. This is not a test like the SAT or GRE where your scores are going to be scrutinized next to those of other test-takers for the chance at your dream school (or in this case, job). All that matters is […]

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How Do I Send in My Praxis Score Report?

Knowing where you need to send your Praxis score report is not always obvious, and it can be an expensive process if you don’t take advantage of the option to designate your free score recipients at the testing center. Take a look at the FAQs below for everything you need to know about sending in […]

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