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Accommodations for the Praxis Test

In order to take the Praxis test and succeed, some test takers require accommodations for disabilities or health concerns. Other test-takers speak a language other than English as their primary language, and may need extended testing time.
There are a variety of different accommodations for the Praxis Test available to test takers who need them, however, you will need to fill out some paperwork to request them and to prove that you need them.

One note: if you have previously been approved for testing accommodations in the past two years, contact ETS. You don’t need to go through the full process again in order to receive the same accommodations.

Testing Accommodations for Test-takers with Disabilities or Health-Related Needs

Everything you need to know about requesting accommodations for disabilities or health-related needs can be found in the ETS Information Bulletin on the topic. Here is a quick summary:

Types of Accommodations

The following are common accommodations for test-takers with disabilities or health concerns:
•Extended Testing Time
•Extra Breaks — breaks are not included in testing time (can be used for medication, snacks, trips to the restroom, etc.)

Accommodations for Computer-delivered Tests Only
•Ergonomic keyboard
•IntelliKeys keyboard
•Keyboard with touchpad
•Screen magnification
•Selectable foreground and background colors


Assistance for Spoken Directions Only
•Oral interpreter
•Sign language interpreter
•Printed copy of spoken directions (for paper-delivered tests only)

Assistance for Note Taking
•Braille slate and stylus
•Perkins brailler®

Alternate Test Formats
• Braille
• Large-print test book
• Large-print answer sheet
• Audio recording

How to Request Accommodations

If you need accommodations like the ones listed above due to a disability or health concern, ETS gives seven steps to apply for accommodations.
1. Determine your accommodations.
2. Review the program’s bulletin and website.
3. Choose your test format (paper-delivered or computer-delivered). Different formats are offered in different areas, so check the Praxis website.
4. Complete the registration form for the test you plan to take.
5. Complete the testing accommodations request form (page 14-21).
6. Gather your disability documentation.
7. Submit completed forms, documentation, and fees. You should include:

  • Appropriate registration form
  • Testing Accommodations Request Form
  • Disability documentation, if applicable
  • Appropriate test fee
  • Send your paperwork and fees to:
    Mail: ETS Disability Services PO Box 6054 Princeton, NJ 08541-6054 U.S.A.
    Courier Service: ETS Disability Services 225 Phillips Boulevard Ewing, NJ 08628-1426 U.S.A.
    Email: Requests for testing accommodations can be emailed to Do not submit requests to the Customer Service email listed on page 3. Requests submitted to that email address will not be processed. Do not include credit card information on forms sent via email.

    Also, check out ETS’s tips for test-takers with disabilities.

    Testing Accommodations for Test-Takers whose Primary Language is not English

    Since the Praxis is only offered in English, for those who speak a different first language, you can apply for extra time to take the Praxis. You will need to complete these forms:
    1. Certification of Documentation Form with required school seal or notarized signature
    2. Eligibility Form for Examinees Whose Primary Language Is Not English
    3. Test Authorization Voucher Request Form.
    Send the completed forms together in one envelope with payment to:
    • ETS – The Praxis Series, P.O. Box 382065, Pittsburgh, PA 15251-8065 (if paying by check or money order)
    • ETS – The Praxis Series, P.O. Box 6054, Princeton, NJ 08541-6054 (if paying by credit/debit card)

    Important Notes

    Once your accommodation request is approved, ETS will contact you with a voucher number that you can use to register for a test appointment. Make sure to leave enough time in for accommodation approval when you are planning for test registration! The application review process can take up to six weeks, so plan in advance.

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