How to Develop a Project Charter

Is the term Project Charter new to you? If so, spend a little time reviewing our blog PMP Charter: PMP Topics to Know. It is important that you first understand what a charter is and its critical importance on the PMP exam, before understanding HOW to develop a project charter. An authorized project is the […]

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How to Monitor and Control Project Work: PMP Processes

Folks often bumble into executing project work, but monitoring and controlling project work is trickier and requires much better planning, often with the input of the project manager. As with many of the steps in project integration management, there is not only breadth but depth to monitoring and controlling project work. If you haven’t already […]

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The Affinity Diagram: PMP Planning Tools that You Should Know

The Seven Management and Planning Tools are Process Decision Program Charts (PDPC), interrelationship digraphs, tree diagrams, prioritization matrices, activity network diagrams, matrix diagrams, and affinity diagrams. Also known as KJ Diagrams, affinity diagrams were first created by Jiro Kawakita in the 1960s. Here are some things you should know for affinity diagram PMP questions on […]

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