What Do You Do the Day Before the NCLEX

The weeks have passed and it is finally here. Your NCLEX-RN is only a couple of days away. You have been studying and preparing day and night but what do you the day before the NCLEX? Two words: prepare and relax!

Prepare the Day Before the NCLEX

I am going to assume that for the past several weeks you have been studying for the NCLEX. You have been looking over question types, doing practice questions, and reading books. Because you have done it all and you are ready so for the day before the NCLEX, I recommend taking a break from the books. Review a few topics if you must, but the day before the NCLEX is not the day to set up a marathon study session.

What Do You Do the Day Before the NCLEX

So what should you do to prepare? The day before the NCLEX, take some time to make sure you can make it to the testing center on time. Use your favorite navigation app to find out how long it will take you to drive to the testing center. Better yet, do a dry run. Try to make it to you testing center at the same time of day you will be headed there for your exam. You will find out how to get there, how long it takes you, and even let you see where to park. Keep in mind, it is suggested you arrive 30 minutes before your exam time. Gather up your documentation and the things you want to take with you to the test location. Be sure to review the candidate rules so you what you are allowed to have with you and what you better leave at home.

On the day before the NCLEX, it is also a good idea to steer clear of any foods that have the potential to upset your stomach. The test will give you enough anxiety without adding feeling sick to the mix. Stay away from anything that might not agree with you, but be sure to eat. You will need energy to concentrate on all those questions. Prepare yourself by eating balanced meals and getting enough to drink.


Once you have finished preparing everything you need for the big day, it is time to relax. Kick back with your favorite movie or your favorite music. Take a walk, a run, do some yoga, or visit with your friends. Try to let your mind let go of all the worry about test day. Spend some time on one of your hobbies. Nursing school and preparing for the NCLEX has probably taken you away from these things in the last several weeks and months (maybe even years!). Do something on the day before the NCLEX you enjoy that isn’t related to test-taking. Last but not least, make sure you make it an early night! Getting a good night’s sleep might be difficult with all the nervous energy you will have about the NCLEX, but it’s also important to do your best to get a little rest so you can be sharp when you enter that testing room.

The day before the NCLEX is an exciting one.  Take some time to prepare and relax and before you know it, TEST DAY will be here!