The Best NCLEX RN Books 2016

Best NCLEX RN Books of 2016

You have registered for your NCLEX and you are ready to begin the process of studying but where to begin? There are many options to help you study including review courses, apps and books. There are a lot of NCLEX books on the market and you want to make sure you are getting one that meets your needs and will help you pass the NCLEX. Here is a list of the top 5 NCLEX books you should have to study for  2016.


The best NCLEX books of 2016-magoosh

This study guide is consistently rated as the number one guide for helping students study for the NCLEX. It contains over 5,000 practice NCLEX questions in the book as well as part of the online access. Practice questions include detailed answers to help you understand the reason behind the answer.  


The best NCLEX books of 2016-magoosh

Practice, practice, practice. This guide offers more than six thousand questions. The emphasis is on the more questions you answer, the better prepared you will be when it comes to taking your NCLEX. If you are looking to drill yourself on as many questions as possible this is the guide for you.


The best NCLEX books of 2016-magoosh

This book focuses more on the how to take the test. The strategies to answer questions correctly and how to eliminate questions when you are stuck. This book does not have an overview of the nursing content but will prepare you with the tips and tricks to answering questions.

Prioritization, Delegation and Assignment

The best NCLEX books of 2016-magoosh

More than 20 % of the NCLEX deal with prioritization and management of care and this book focuses on that aspect of questions. Question for both common and complex health scenarios allow you to build on your knowledge and increase your confidence.

Davis Drug Guide for Nurses

The best NCLEX books of 2016-magoosh

A drug guide is essential to get you through nursing school and the NCLEX. Davis Drug guide is the standard for nurses to look up drugs and use it as a reference. Invest in this and you will use it for years beyond the NCLEX.  It focuses on nursing interventions and teaching points for meds, which will be helpful when you land your first nursing job as well as studying for the NCLEX.

If you walk into any bookstore or search on Amazon you will find many more options. These five are ones that are always among the top rated and useful for nursing students to use for studying. Every student will have different needs when it comes to studying the NCLEX but the above books should offer something to everyone.