How do I send my NCLEX RN scores

The NCLEX RN is graded as pass or fail. You will not receive a numerical value as a result. A state will grant a nursing license on whether you have passed the exam or not.

Nursing License

Luckily you do not need to worry about sending your NCLEX RN scores to anyone once you have received your official letter that you have passed. When you are applying for your NCLEX RN you submit an application to a particular state in which you will practice as a nurse. Once the state has confirmation from Pearson VUE that you have passed your NCLEX RN your name will appear on the state’s Board of Nursing as an RN.

Applying for a job

As you apply for jobs you are often required to provide a copy of your nursing license or the number. Any future provider will be able to look up your nursing license on the state’s Board of Nursing website as it is a public record. If it is your first nursing job you will not need to send your NCLEX scores. The fact that you have obtained an RN license is proof to your employers that you have passed the NCLEX RN.

A different state

What if you are going to nursing school in one state but plan on living in another one after graduation? You can physically take the NCLEX RN in any state that you want but you need to make sure you are applying to the state that you will be practicing in. Each state has its own  Board of Nursing with slightly different requirements to practice as an RN. Make sure you know the requirements for the state you want to practice as an RN in. When you are registering for your NCLEX RN with Pearson you will be able to indicate the state where your NCLEX results should be sent. You will not have to send anything further. Pearson will send your results to your requested state and after passing the exam your name will appear as a Registered Nurse on the state’s website.