Non-Traditional Nursing Jobs

When I tell people that I am a nurse, most of them instantly assume I work with patients at the local hospital. However, that is not what I do and there are many nurses out there like me making great contributions to the field of nursing by filling non-traditional nursing jobs. Here are some non-traditional nursing jobs to ponder as you prepare to launch your nursing career.

Non-Traditional Nursing Jobs

Peggy Marco

Non-Traditional Patient Care

With the many changes that have occurred in health care recently, it should come as no surprise that there are nurses working with clients outside of hospitals and doctors’ offices. Nurse are visiting clients in their homes and providing health advice and education in a variety of settings, including from their very own home offices. Nurses can provide patient care remotely, over the phone or e-mail, and for insurance companies and local hospital centers. Some nurses review charts and provide case management services without leaving home every day. Nurses are teaching communities about health and wellness in classrooms, gymnasiums, and community centers. They are meeting one-on-one with clients to promote healthy lifestyles and disease prevention as coaches. The setting of care is getting out of the hospital and nurses are ready and able to fill these non-traditional nursing jobs.

Education and Advocacy

While nursing is a profession of caregivers, we aren’t always caring for patients directly. In non-traditional nursing jobs, nurses can use their experiences to influence health policies that can reach beyond individual patients. We can work with legislators at all levels of government to improve the way patient care is delivered. Nurses with advanced degrees can work on teaching and training the next generation of caregivers by becoming professors and instructors.

non-traditonal nursing jobs



Nursing entrepreneurship is a real thing! Nurse are taking their skills and experiences and building their very own business. Self-employed nurses can do almost anything. Some are writers and consultants.  Others work in partnership with health care agencies to meet the health needs of patients. If you can think of a way to leverage your experience and education as a nurse, you can build something all on your own. It can be something as simple as contracting your services to others or building your very own health agency. Nurses are at the forefront of patient care and can often identify new trends or care needs. As entrepreneurs, nurses can make their own way using the skills from their nursing education and experiences caring for patients to meet these needs head on.

When it comes to non-traditional nursing jobs, really, the sky is the limit. Some jobs are more “out of the box” than others but there is something for everyone. All it takes is a little bit of innovation and creativity to locate or generate the nursing job for you! It really is an exciting time to be a nurse!