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30 Medications to know for the NCLEX-RN

What are the medications to know for the NCLEX-RN? Do you really need to know every single one? The good news is that you do not need to memorize them all but you do need to know them. There are certain medications that show up frequently on the NCLEX and you can find many lists on the internet and study guides to help you out.

Top 30 drugs

This is not the definitive NCLEX  RN medication list. It is some of the common medications that usually show up on the exam. You can use this as a jumping off point but make sure you are reviewing many of the more common medications you have been learning about in nursing school.

Ace inhibitors

Beta blockers

Calcium channel blockers


Potassium Chloride








Amphotericin B





Cancer Drugs

Sulfa Drugs

Urinary Antispasmodics












Direct Acting Vasodilator

To check out what you really need to know about each of these meds click here for a flash card study guide.

What do I need to know

The NCLEX medication questions want to make sure you have an understanding of the medications you will be giving to patients and that you will be able to do so safely. The questions on the NCLEX RN exam will reflect the condition the medication is treating but also the side effects and any interactions with other medications or foods. In your classes and clinicals your instructors should be pointing out the key take away point for many of the medications that will be on the NCLEX. Cardiology medications are commonly asked on the exam but you could also get lucky and get absolutely no medication questions (but you still need to study and know them).
If you feel like you need more information about medications that might be on the NCLEX then many of the study guides will have sections dedicated to these questions. Remember it is important to know about these medication for the exam but it is is also important to know about these medications for when you are practicing as a nurse. Knowing about the medications will give you confidence when you are administering to your patients.

About Kiley

Kiley is a nurse who has worked in a variety of settings in the healthcare field. She is currently working as a remote chart reviewer while exploring the world. Kiley also has a background in education and wants to support and educate the next generation of nurses while they navigate the NCLEX. She is passionate about traveling and can often be found in a cafe somewhere in the world reading a book.

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