Do Prospective Employers Know My NCLEX-RN Score?


A prospective employer will not see your NCLEX-RN score. The employer will request your nursing license and perhaps a copy of your transcripts and letters of references. You should focus on passing the NCLEX, not on your actual score. Throughout our years in school, we are always striving for an A. The higher the individual’s grades, the “smarter” he or she is. Well, for once take a deep breath and just strive to do your best. You need to demonstrate that you are competent and can safely practice as a nurse. You want to make sure that you are as well prepared for the test as possible so that you will succeed on your first attempt.

Potential Employer Questions

No potential employer will ever ask you how many questions you had to answer, how long your exam lasted or the exact score you earned. Some employers may ask questions if there is a delay in the time from graduation to becoming a licensed registered nurse. As a nurse who often reviews resumes and interviews new nurses, I have learned that a big gap can be a sign that the nurse struggled with passing the NCLEX-RN exam. This would lead me to ask a few questions to see if there is any reason for concern or if the nurse can honestly and confidently explain the gap. Don’t panic. If you needed two tries to pass the NCLEX-RN exam, you will still be a great nurse. If there is a gap, think ahead of time about how you will respond should the question arise. Be honest with your response and always end with a positive. For example, I have always struggled with standardized tests, however my clinical skills and abilities to communicate with patients and families are my true assets.

When you are interviewing with a potential employer, everything you say matters. You need to make yourself stand out among the rest of the new graduates. Use your previous work and life experiences and give very specific examples. Be ready to state your current and future goals and how you plan to attain them. Be confident, but also be ready to admit what you still need to learn and that you are eager to learn and progress from a novice to an expert with guidance. Becoming a nurse is very exciting and opens doors. Now it is time for you to start your journey as a nurse.