Nurse Life

Can an RN work too much?

These days, nurses are increasingly expected to work a great deal of overtime. Read this post to learn how to keep yourself from working too much as an RN.

What is a Travel Nurse?

What is Travel Nursing? A travel nurse is a nurse who is hired to work at a specific location for a designated period of time. Travel assignments vary in length of time but are typically between 13 and 26 weeks. Due to nursing shortages, there are often openings in various locations which allow the nurse to […]

What You Need to Have in Your Nursing Bag

Johnny Magnusson Like any other profession, nursing requires tools that are important when it comes to providing high-quality nursing care. For each specialty, the tools for nurses might be a little bit different. However, for new nurses working in their first patient care positions, there are a few common tools for nurses that no nurse […]

Sample Nursing Interview Questions

When you are interviewing for a nursing position, you should be prepared to answer questions confidently and in a positive manner. You want to demonstrate that you are a team player who is willing to work with others to achieve the best outcomes for your patients. Even if the interviewer asks you about a negative […]

Benefits of Being a Float Nurse

One of the things I love most about nursing is that there is always variety. Nurses can work in multiple settings and specialties. As you are considering what kind of nursing job you want, what shift you want to work, or what specialty you want to pursue, another position to think about is being a […]

Non-Traditional Nursing Jobs

When I tell people that I am a nurse, most of them instantly assume I work with patients at the local hospital. However, that is not what I do and there are many nurses out there like me making great contributions to the field of nursing by filling non-traditional nursing jobs. Here are some non-traditional […]

Is Nursing Right For Me?

AllClear55 It could be the positives, things like working 3 days a week or the opportunities for advancement.  It can also be the negatives, such as stressful working conditions or having to work weekends and holidays. At some point, I think we have all wondered, “Is nursing right for me?”  While many nurses wouldn’t give […]