NCLEX-RN Study Tips

How to Avoid NCLEX Prep Burnout

Preparing for the NCLEX is stressful. You have come so far already in finishing nursing school and this test is the key to getting your license and finally achieving your goal of becoming a nurse. But, if you aren’t careful, preparing for the test can leave you feeling burned out, unmotivated, and lacking the confidence […]

5 Ways to Prep for NCLEX While Traveling

I love to travel. I am always amazed by the things there are to see and do in this world.  But what do you do if you want to travel but you need to study for the NCLEX? Fear not! You can study for the NCLEX and travel too! Here are 5 ways to prep for the […]

How to Take a NCLEX Practice Test

You know how they say that practice makes perfect? Well, in this case, maybe not perfect. Still, taking a NCLEX practice test will go a long way in helping you feel ready on the big day! How should you go about taking an NCLEX practice test to get the most out of it? Read on […]

Failed the NCLEX-RN: How to Read the CPR

Failing the NCLEX-RN feels pretty bad. You have invested so much time, energy, and money into this last step toward becoming a RN and now you find yourself faced with the news that you have failed the NCLEX. Before you pack it up and abandon your goal of becoming a nurse, take a minute to remember […]

Study Habits of Successful Nursing Students

Ever find yourself wondering about the study habits of successful nursing students? While no two students are exactly the same, the most successful nursing students often share these habits. As a nursing instructor, I have had the privilege to see these students in action. Here is my take on the study habits of successful nursing students and how you […]

Not Sure I’m Ready for the NCLEX…HELP!

Don’t panic! Even if your test date is quickly approaching and you don’t feel ready for the NCLEX, there are plenty of things to do to get ready in time! It might not be easy but it can be done. Why don’t you think you are ready for the NCLEX? It is absolutely normal to […]

My NCLEX-RN Story: Michelle Besmer

Nursing School Attending a nursing school with a high NCLEX-RN pass rate is essential. Research local programs and learn about their success rates. Nursing school should successfully prepare you for your NCLEX-RN exam. I was fortunate to attend a very well recognized nursing program with an excellent reputation and success rate. Review Course After completing […]