NCLEX-RN Scoring

NCLEX-RN Failure Rate

Of course the NCLEX-RN failure rate is not something you want to think about, but not everyone passes the NCLEX on the first attempt (or the second or the third). It’s OK and it does not mean that you have to abandon your dreams of becoming an RN. The statistics According to the statistics from […]

How do I send my NCLEX RN scores

The NCLEX RN is graded as pass or fail. You will not receive a numerical value as a result. A state will grant a nursing license on whether you have passed the exam or not. Nursing License Luckily you do not need to worry about sending your NCLEX RN scores to anyone once you have […]


NCLEX-RN myths?!?! What do you mean? Who’s spreading rumors? Is it nurses, the internet, or my nursing school? Jeez, Louise! You guys would be surprised at all the crazy things that people come up with about the NCLEX-RN. There’s more fear and trepidation centered around this test than a black hole. Luckily, with a little […]

I failed the NCLEX RN: Help!

First don’t be hard on yourself if you do not pass the NCLEX the first time (or even the second time). Don’t think of yourself as a failure; you simply did not pass. The good news is that you are able to take the NCLEX many times to pass. The bad news is that it […]

What comes after the NCLEX RN

You did it. You finished your exam and you are walking out the door. What comes next? Hopefully you are rewarding yourself with some relaxation after all of your hard work studying. You have definitely earned a break. Now comes the wait to find out if you have passed or not.   Finding out your […]

Do Prospective Employers Know My NCLEX-RN Score?

NCLEX-RN Score A prospective employer will not see your NCLEX-RN score. The employer will request your nursing license and perhaps a copy of your transcripts and letters of references. You should focus on passing the NCLEX, not on your actual score. Throughout our years in school, we are always striving for an A. The higher […]

What is the NCLEX-RN Retake Policy?

  You completed nursing school successfully, however you failed your RN-NCLEX exam. First, take a deep breath and relax. You are not alone and you can overcome this hurdle. Let’s start the process of achieving your goal by understanding the NCLEX-RN retake policy.   Re-Registering First, contact your State Board of Nursing and notify them […]

How does NCLEX decide if you pass?

The NCLEX does not give a number grade, you will only receive a pass or a fail. The fewest number of questions you can be asked is 75 and the most questions you will be asked is 265. You can pass or fail answering 75 questions or you could pass or fail answering 265 questions. […]

How Many Questions Can I Miss on the NCLEX-RN?

“How many questions can I miss on the NCLEX-RN?” How would you feel if I told you that you can miss just about half of the questions you are given and still pass the NCLEX-RN? Yes, you read that right. How is this possible, you ask? Well, to answer that questions, we have to take […]

NCLEX score range

Studying for the NCLEX is stressful but worrying about whether or not you will pass can be even more stressful. In order to officially practice and work as a nurse you must pass the NCLEX exam. Of course that leads to the question of what score you need to pass the NCLEX? To understand the […]