What are the 8 main content areas on the NCLEX-RN

Becoming familiar with the distribution of content for the NCLEX-RN test plan will help you study more efficiently. Remember that each category reflects client needs across the life span and in a variety of settings. The percentages attached to each category can vary by 3% based on the total length and content distributions of the individual exam which is determined by the test takers responses and demonstration of competency in an area.

Safe and Effective Care Environment

In this main category, the nurse focuses on achieving client outcomes by providing and directing nursing care that enhances the protection of clients and health care providers. This category is subdivided into the first two content areas: management of care and safety and infection control.

Health Promotion and Maintenance

In the health promotion and maintenance category, the nurse is focusing on normal growth and development across the life span, prevention and/or early detection of health problems, and strategies to achieve optimal health.

Psychosocial Integrity

In this main category, the nurse focuses on promoting and supporting the emotional, mental and social well-being of the client experiencing stressful events, which include acute and chronic illnesses.

Physiological Integrity

In this main category, the nurse focuses on promoting health and wellness by providing care and comfort thereby decreasing the client’s risk for potential complications and managing any issues which arise. This category is subdivided into four content areas: Basic Care and Comfort, Pharmacological and Parenteral Therapies, Reduction of Risk Potential, and Physiological Adaptation.

  1. Management of Care (20%)

  2. Safety and Infection Control (12%)

  3. Health Promotion and Maintenance (9%)

  4. Psychosocial Integrity (9%)

  5. Basic Care and Comfort (9%)

  6. Pharmacological and Parenteral Therapies (15%)

  7. Reduction of Risk Potential (12%)

  8. Physiological Adaptation (14%)

Now you have a guide of what will be on the exam, so the next step is to start studying and preparing for the NCLEX-RN exam. It is time to create a study plan and identify the areas where you need to focus the most. Lots of practice will lead to success. If you remained determined and focuses, you will succeed and pass the NCLEX-RN exam and start sharing your knowledge and compassion with your future patients and colleagues. Good Luck – You will succeed!

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