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When Should You Take the MCAT?

When Should You Take the MCAT?

When should you take the MCAT? The short answer is: when you’re ready. The right answer to when someone should take the MCAT depends on mostly unique personal circumstances. This post will go over some things to consider when deciding when should you take the MCAT.

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When Should You Take the MCAT?

You should take the MCAT when you will be most prepared. This will require some planning on your part. In an ideal world, most people would probably want to dedicate at least a month or two of studying, possibly even more, depending on how much time a day you can dedicate. To capitalize on the fees for the MCAT, it also makes sense to plan it out in advance and register early for a later date. Studying doesn’t always go as planned and having a later test date also allows you to have some time to make adjustments and change the date if necessary. Taking a practice exam as your test date approaches also can help you decide when you will be ready to take the MCAT.

Other Factors

In addition to the test preparation questions that will help you decide when to take the MCAT, you should also consider other factors that could determine how focused and prepared you will be for your MCAT. Taking five difficult classes this semester and planning to take the MCAT right after finals? You might be mentally exhausted at the end of the semester and not have your A-game for the MCAT. Have five weddings to go to this summer in three time zones? You might be more tired than you think going into the test date.

Take a look at the available test dates and consider all the things that go into your studying, your ability to rest, your commitments outside of school, work, and studying to figure out when is the best time to take the MCAT for YOU.

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