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When is the MCAT given?

The MCAT is an important part of the medical school application. Knowing when the MCAT is given and when to take it can be an important factor in getting the best score.

When the MCAT is given

The MCAT is offered by the AAMC 20 times for the year 2016. All of the exams are administered at 8am. The full schedule is listed below and can be found at the AAMC MCAT testing calendar.

Test Date Score Release Date
January 22 February 23
January 23 February 23
April 1 May 3
April 23 May 24
May 6 June 7
May 14 June 14
May 20 June 21
June 2 July 6
June 18 July 19
July 8 August 9
July 9 August 9
July 22 August 23
August 4 September 7
August 5 September 7
August 19 September 20
August 20 September 20
August 25 September 27
September 1 October 4
September 9 October 12
September 10 October 12


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Along with each test date, there is a score release date, which is when the score will be available for you to view and for inclusion in your medical school application.

When should I take the MCAT?

The answer is: when you are most prepared to do your best! Your MCAT score is a major component of your AMCAS application to medical school and should not be taken lightly. It takes some time to prepare for the MCAT and you should take it only when you feel fully prepared to do so.

Is there a “better” time during the year to take the MCAT?

Nope. The MCAT is scored on a scale of all the test-takers. There is no time where the MCAT is going to be easier or harder. The material content will be largely the same across the year and there is no point trying to find an easier MCAT. The best time is when you are ready!

Some dates to keep in mind

If you are applying this year, there are some dates to keep in mind. You must have a complete application at least by the deadline of the schools you are applying to. A list of application deadlines can be found at the AAMC, but it may be best to double check with the school website directly. Applying early is a good rule of thumb for medical school. The AMCAS application opens on or around June 1, so having a score report by early June can help complete your application early (although you don’t need to have your score report until the AAMC actually sends your applications to medical schools, some time in late June or early July).

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Finally, be aware of MCAT registration deadlines. Registration for test dates open months ahead of time and close about 1-2 weeks before the actual test date. There are three tiers of registration (gold, silver, bronze), and each carries a certain registration fee, cancellation, and refund option. Testing locations also fill up quickly, so the earlier you can plan out when to take the MCAT, the more likely you are to receive the date and location that you want.

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