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Is a Perfect MCAT Score Possible?

Have you ever heard of anyone who has received a perfect MCAT score? If not, it’s okay. There aren’t too many people who have one. The MCAT is a tough exam and many students struggle just to get a good score. Most students aren’t even aiming for a perfect MCAT score and for good reason. You don’t need a perfect MCAT score to get into medical school. If you were wondering, though, it is possible to get a perfect MCAT score.

Perfect MCAT Score

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What Is a Perfect MCAT Score

The new MCAT has four sections, each scored between 118 and 132. A perfect MCAT score is a 132 in all four sections for a total combined score of 528. If you look at the current percentile ranks for the new MCAT exam, you will see that this is no easy feat. Less than 1% of all test takers receive a 132 on any given section of the exam. To get a 132 in all four sections is very unlikely. As a score of 521 is already the 99th percentile, the number of perfect scores is then much less than 1% of all test takers. You may have heard before that a perfect MCAT score is a 45. That is for the old MCAT, which is no longer administered. Just as with the new exam, less than 1% of all test takers got a perfect score on the old MCAT.

How to Get a Perfect MCAT Score

If you’re shooting for a perfect MCAT, make sure to read our previous post on How to Get a Perfect Score on the New MCAT. In short, you will need to study hard and have luck on your side. It is extremely easy to make a simple error and end up with a 131 instead of 132 on a section. To be honest though, the difference between a 131 and 132 is almost negligible. There is no medical school that will turn you down for not getting a 132. Remember, just breaking 125 is an above average score.

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