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MCAT Score Range

When the new MCAT debuted in 2015, it’s most notable changes were to its format and content. Also on the list of changes, however, was the way the MCAT was scored. Previously, the MCAT consisted of 3 sections, each worth up to 15 points for a combined maximum score of 45. On the new version, the section scores are now worth between 118 and 132 points each for a new combined score range of 472 to 528 points.


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Why the new MCAT scoring system?

So why would the MCAT test makers want to change the score to the 118-132 scale? According to the AAMC, “the new scale draws your attention to the center of the scale and to a group of applicants, at the “top of the curve” on the new exam, who have the potential for success. In other words, the new MCAT score ranges emphasize the center of the scales, as opposed to focusing on the top third.” They also felt that students who score in the middle of the range (at or around 500) are likely to succeed in graduating from medical school and passing USMLE licensure exams on their first try. You can learn about the scoring distribution by reading Burton’s great post on MCAT score percentiles.

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The goal for the new scoring system is to provide a more accurate way for medical school admissions committees to predict the future success of their applicants. It also allows schools to look at an applicant more holistically than with the previous method. Even though the MCAT is now longer and tests more information, it’s designed to present a more representative view of you to med schools, which is definitely a win.


New MCAT Score Range Essential Information

  • You will receive 5 scores: one for each of the four sections and one combined score.
  • Your combined score will range from 472 to 528 with 500 being the midpoint.
  • Each of the four sections—Biological and Biochemical Foundations of Living Systems, Chemical and Physical Foundations of Biological Systems, Psychological, Social, and Biological Foundations of Behavior, and Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills—will receive a score between 118 and 132, with 125 being the midpoint


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