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How to Make Use of an MCAT Study Buddy

If you’ve read our Top Tips for MCAT Studying, then you know that we recommend students to get an MCAT study buddy. Studying for the MCAT can be a painfully boring process. If you study alone, the process can feel very isolating. With an MCAT study buddy, you have a peer that can sympathize with you, motivate you, and help you with your studies.

Motivate Yourself with an MCAT Study Buddy

Studying for exams is never easy. You can be on your computer trying to get work done but suddenly, everything on the Internet becomes so fascinating. You then fall in the trap of browsing just about every website that exists. All this time, you have this bad feeling inside about the exam that you will have to take soon. If you have experienced this before, what you need is an MCAT study buddy. There is no better motivation than studying with a peer. When you see someone else studying hard for the same exam you have to take, it makes you want to study yourself. To be realistic, your peer may not always be the one in focus, but you will work together to keep each other in focus.

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Get Answers from Your MCAT Study Buddy

As you study for the MCAT, questions will inevitably come up. You can try your best to figure it out by yourself, but sometimes you can’t. Your MCAT study buddy might just know the answer and then your problem is solved. Even if they don’t know the answer, you two can talk it out together. As you discuss, you are challenging each other to think critically about the material, which is excellent studying. In fact, your combined intellect might just be able to figure things out!

Teach Your MCAT Study Buddy

It may sound counterintuitive for your studies to be spending time teaching someone else. However, teaching the material to someone actually increases your understanding of the material. Many students can answer questions correctly with only a general idea of the concepts being tested. When you have to teach someone else, you are required to come up with the words that can explain the concept coherently to someone else. As this process occurs in your brain, you will find that both you and your MCAT study buddy end up with an enhanced understanding of the concept.

Hopefully, you now understand some of the benefits of having an MCAT study buddy. If you are looking for additional study advice, check out our other posts on Taking Notes for the MCAT and How to Use AAMC Content Outlines.

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