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How To Know If You Need An MCAT Tutor

So — you’ve created an MCAT study schedule, you’ve secured the best study materials you could find, and you’ve tried your best to make yourself study for the MCAT. Maybe you even took your studies a step further and enlisted the help of a study group to really take your studies to the next level, but even still, you feel like your prep is missing a crucial component. Next on the list of strategies is one-on-one help, right? MCAT tutors can be a great resource for premeds who are preparing for the exam; however, how do you know if you need an MCAT tutor?

You Know You Need An MCAT Tutor If:

  • Studying with a group distracts you — study groups are great, but sometimes group members have different levels of understanding and study at different rates. It’s frustrating to study with a group when you feel like everyone else is moving at a hare’s pace when you are more of a tortoise, or vice versa. You don’t have to dump your study group to take advantage of a tutor.


  • You need a more personalized approach to MCAT prep — A tutor can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, one-on-one help can help you use your resources more effectively and efficiently if you feel like you’re overwhelmed with all of the information there is to know. A tutor isn’t a replacement for good MCAT prep materials, but instead is there to supplement what you already have.


  • You are a “non-traditional” premed — For premeds who have been out of the classroom for a while or are pursuing medicine as a second career, you may need some one-on-one help just to get back into the groove of things. Also, without the benefit of a premed advising office at your disposal, having someone to assist you with the ins-and-outs of applying to medical school, from securing letters of recommendation to crafting the perfect personal statement to helping you tackle the CARS section can be a priceless addition to your MCAT prep arsenal.

Where to find an MCAT tutor

A great place to search for a good tutor is a nearby college or university. If you live near a medical school then they may be able to help you identify a current medical school student who is looking for work that they can fit into their busy schedules. If neither of these options are viable for you, then try Google! Searching for MCAT tutors in your area may help you identify tutoring agencies that you didn’t know existed and freelance in your area as well.

Good Advice For Someone Else. How Do I Know If I Need An MCAT Tutor?

Sometimes we are afraid to seek outside help because we are either convinced that we can handle it all ourselves, or feel defeated by doing so. I can guarantee you that there is no shame in reaching out to get extra help. At the end of the day, your goal is medical school so anything you can do to improve your candidacy will pay off in the long run.


How to know if you need an MCAT tutor

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