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What Time Does the MCAT Start?

  The MCAT is an important exam, one that you cannot afford do miss. So what time does the MCAT start? The official MCAT start time is 8:00 AM. However, the actual time that you begin your exam will vary depending on how long it takes you to go through the check-in process. It will […]

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How to Simulate MCAT Test Day

An important step of preparing for the MCAT is taking full-length MCAT practice tests. There are three important reasons to take practice tests: Figure out what content you need to review Build up the endurance to maintain focus throughout the entire exam Reduce testing anxiety The last reason is a big one. The MCAT can […]

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Scratch Paper on the MCAT

Scratch paper on the MCAT may seem like a trivial point, but is actually a very important component to doing well. Unlike most standardized exams you may have taken up to this point, the MCAT is both computerized and also has some very stringent security measures. As a result, scratch paper on the MCAT also […]

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When to Take the MCAT?

Pre-medical students know that they need to take the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) at some point before applying to medical school. Logically, students then ask the question, “When should I take the MCAT?” This is a great question that all students will need to answer at some point. Unfortunately, there is no right answer […]

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