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MCAT Score Conversion

Along with an added section and its heavy focus on biochemistry, the new MCAT also has a new scoring system that is different in some key ways. In this post, I’ll walk you through the basics of how the new MCAT score conversion relates to old scores. You’ll also find an MCAT score conversion calculator […]

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What is a Top 10% MCAT Score?

Getting into medical school is tough these days. If you want to increase your chances, you will want a great MCAT score. A top 10% MCAT score can certainly do the job. To attain this score, you will need a total of 513 or higher on the new MCAT. Top 10% MCAT Score A top […]

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What if my MCAT score is average?

When applying to medical school and studying for the MCAT, everyone dreams of getting a great score, or even a perfect score. That’s the goal and that’s the hope. However, not everyone can get a perfect score, and not even most people can get a great score. Because of the way the MCAT is designed, […]

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Is a Perfect MCAT Score Possible?

Have you ever heard of anyone who has received a perfect MCAT score? If not, it’s okay. There aren’t too many people who have one. The MCAT is a tough exam and many students struggle just to get a good score. Most students aren’t even aiming for a perfect MCAT score and for good reason. […]

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